I ♥ Pinterest

The only not-creepy social network. It’s also lightweight and useful as a planning tool.

So here are three of my boards which reflect basically what I was into in 1996 and still am, maybe more than ever

Independence Lists





Litwack.org is back. The theme is a modification of Form/Function by Paul Jarvis, and I’m not done fucking with it yet. Comments will be enabled soon are enabled. The old posts have retired to Archive.org.

Anyway, welcome.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 (AAC w/ chapters, 95mb via MediaFire, click cover to download.)

Halloween 2012 cover

 Halloween 2012 tracklist

More Life Vol. 1

More Life vol. 1 (AAC w/ chapters, 83mb via MediaFire, click cover to download)

More Life vol. 1 cover

More Life tracklist