Beloved Songs: Alternate Versions, by Andy Evans

My friend Andy just put together an absolutely killer mix of alternate versions of well-loved songs from the 80s and 90s. In his own words:

“‘Beloved Songs: Alternate Versions’
An assemblage of my favorite songs, in the form of demos, radio sessions, extended mixes, remixes, or live recordings. It focuses mainly on the long 80s, 1976 – 1991, but with some Radiohead, James, Slowdive, and Interpol sprinkled in.

I’ve organized the track-listing into 3 sections:
1) “Big” Names, at least to me smile emoticon
2) Artists I heard on the radio growing up
3) Artists I’ve never heard on terrestrial radio
Below the list of, err, 372 songs are links to highlights on Mixcloud, for your streaming convenience and/or smartphone pleasure.

‘The Songs That Saved Your Life’
Part 1:
The Smiths
I Know It’s Over (’Leave Him’*)
What Difference Does It Make? (Peel Session)
Accept Yourself (Piano Version)
Half a Person (Dec 1986 Peel Session)
This Night Has Opened My Eyes (June 1984, Unreleased Studio Recording)
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Australian Edit)
This Charming Man (Peel Session)
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (September 1985, Take 1 Early Lyric)
Frankly, Mr Shankly (November 1985, Stephen Street Ttrumpet’ Take)
Still Ili (Peel Session)
Ask (June 1986, Early Take)
Shoplifters of the World Unite (December 1986, Instrumental)
You’ve Got Everything Now (Peel Session)
Girlfriend in a Coma (January 1987, Early Take)
Reel Around the Fountain (Peel Session)
Hand in Glove (Sandie Shaw Vocal)
Jeane (Sandie Shaw Vocal)
I Will Follow (Alternate Mix)
October (Soundtrack Mix)
New Year’s Day [USA Remix]
11 O’clock Tick Tock (Martin Hannett Mix)
Twilight (Early Single Version)
Yoshino Blossom
The Darkest Night (1982 October Demo)
Like a Song (Demo)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Demo)
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remix)
Achtung Baby Demos:
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
So Cruel
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
Love Is Blindness
The Chameleons
The Fan and the Bellows (Peel Session)
Here Today (Peel Session)
In Shreds (Demo)
View From a Hill (Radio 1 Evening Show, Unbroadcast))
Less Than Human (Demo)
One Flesh (Free Trade Hall Rehearsals)
Seriocity (Demo)
Intrigue in Tangiers (Demo)
Return of the Roughnecks (Demo)
Talking Heads
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (live)
Psycho Killer (CBS Demos)
Sugar on My Tongue (CBS Demos)
The Girls Want to Be with the Girls (CBS Demos)
Road to Nowhere (Early Version)
The Book I Read (CBS Demos)
Genius of Love [Tom Tom Club]
Psycho Killer (Acoustic)
Sugar on My Tongue [Outtake]
Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
Burning Down the House (Alternate Mix)
Road to Nowhere (Early Version)
And She Was (Early Version)
Once in a Lifetime (Extended Version)
The Cure
The Hanging Garden (Rhino Studio Demo)
Lament (Flexipop Version)
Lovesong – Band Demo (Instrumental)
Fire in Cairo (Lp Version)
Shivers (Just Like Heaven Demo ’85)
Just Like Heaven / Demo 1987
Temptation Two (Aka ”lets Go to Bed”) – (Rs Studio Demo 7.82)
Close to Me (Studio Demo)
All Cats Are Grey (BBC Session)
The Cure High (Demo)
Jumping Someone Elses Train (Extended 12″ Acetate Promo 1979)
Killing an Arab (BBC Session)
In between Days (Rs Home Demo)
Fast Fashion
See You (Extended Version)
Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Soundwave Version)
Ghost of Modern Time/Addiction (early Don’t Go) (Basildon 1981)
Enjoy the Silence (Martin Gore Demo)
Shake the Disease (Demo)
Let’s Get Together – Vince Clarke (Demo)
Blasphemous Rumours (Extended Version)
Blasphemous Rumours (Secret Mix)
Death’s Door Take 1 (Joy Mix)
Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
Everything Counts [In Larger Amounts]
Photographic [Demo Version]
A Question of Lust (Minimal)
Shake the Disease (Rare Demo)
Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker Mix)
Precipitate (Fukd I.D. #3 EP 1999)
Specialist (Studio Take)
A Time to Be so Small (Second Demo)
NYC (Third Demo)
Leif Erikson (Third Demo)
NYC (Peel Session)
Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Power of Independent Trucking Mix)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Sound Studios Oldham 08.01.80)
Ceremony [Live at Birmingham University]
Decades (Martin Hannett ‘N4 Europop’ Mix)
Candidate (alternate version)
Atmosphere (live in Eindhoven)
Chance (Atmosphere) (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham-Piccadilly Radio Station)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Session) (Peel Session)
New Order
Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Dance Mix)
Regret [New Order Mix]
Homage (Western Works Demos)
Temptation (Original 7″ Version)
Dreams Never End (Peel Session)
5-8-6 (Peel Session)
Touched by the Hand of Dub (12″ Mix)
Ceremony (Original Version)
Temptation (7 Inch Version)
Rapid Eye Movement
Belong (Demo)
Catapult (Stephen Hague Demo)
Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)
Half a World Away (Demo)
Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)
So. Central Rain (Live)
Maps and Legends (Demo)
Country Feedback (Demo)
Driver 8 (Live)
Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix)
Maps and Legends (Live)
The One I Love (Live)
Swan Swan H (Acoustic)
You Are Everything (Demo)
Driver 8 (Athens Demo)
Bad Day (‘it’s the End of the World. . .’)
Country Feedback (Mtv Unplugged 2001)
The Clash
London Calling (Live)
The Guns Of Brixton (Live)
One More (Dub)
Train In Vain (Live)
Rock the Casbah [Hot Tracks Mix]
Rock the Casbah (Ultimix Remix)
Straight to Hell (Extended Mix)
Rudie Can’t Fail (The Vanilla Tapes)
Thinking About You (Demo)
True Love Waits (Non-Studio Version)
There There (First Demo)
Where I End and You Begin (Demo)
Reckoner (Acoustic)
2. Part 2: All Request Retro Lunch Hour
Take on Me (Demo) – A-Ha
Look of Love (funky live take) – ABC
The Look of Love [12′ Version] – ABC
Forever Young (Demo 2) – Alphaville
Nowhere Girl (1980 Ep) – B-Movie
Nowhere Girl (Dead Good Tape Version) – B-Movie
Tarzan Boy (Extended Dub Remix) – Baltimora
Sex (I’m A…) (12″ Remix) – Berlin
In a Big Country [Pure Mix] – Big Country
Call Me (Spanish Version) – Blondie
Atomic (Longer UltraTraxx Wave Mix) – Blondie
Counting the Rosaries (Crying Angels Mix) – Book Of Love
Boy (Extended Mix) – Book Of Love
I Don’t Like Mondays (Live) – The Boomtown Rats
Go Wild In The Country (12″ Version) – Bow Wow Wow
Because the Night – (Studio Demo Version 1) – Bruce Springsteen
Cover Me (12″ Dub) (1984) – Bruce Springsteen
Running Up That Hill (12″ Mix) – Bush, Kate
Hollow Inside (John Peel Show) – Buzzcocks
Love Is a Shield (Harmony) – Camouflage
This Is How It Feels – Carter USM
You Think You Know Her (Unfaithful Mix) – Cause & Effect
You Think You Know Her (Original 1990 Recording) – Cause and Effect
Have in Mind (Kalimba Mix) – Cetu Javu
Situations (12″) – Cetu Javu
Under the Milky Way (Live at 2 Meter Session) – The Church
A Day [Where Are You] (Demo ’84) – Clan Of Xymox
No Words (Demo ’84) – Clan Of Xymox
Stranger (Demo ’84) – Clan Of Xymox
7th Time (Demo ’84) – Clan Of Xymox
Magic (Farsley Mix) – Cud
D.N.A.Feat. Suzanne Vega.Tom’s Diner (Extended Version) – D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega
Five Years (BBC Session) – David Bowie
Rock ‘n Roll Suicide (Live 1972) – David Bowie
Come on Eileen (Live) – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You) [Live At the China Club] – Dramarama
The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (Early Version) – Duran Duran
Aeiou Sometimes Y (Dub Version) – EBN – OZN
The Killing Moon (Life at Brian’s Sessions) – Echo & The Bunnymen
Chorus (Trancendental Dance Mix) – Erasure
Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness – the Coldcut Remix) – Eric B & Rakim
Der Kommissar – (Deutschland 12″) – Falco
Tusk (Rehearsal Take) – Fleetwood Mac
I Ran (Peel Session) – A Flock of Seagulls
Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (12′ Version) – A Flock Of Seagulls
Down In the Park (Early Version 2) – Gary Numan + Tubeway Army
Are “Friends” Electric? (Early Version 2) – Gary Numan + Tubeway Army
Let Me Go (Maxi-Version) – Heaven 17
Christine (John Peel 2/4/89) – The House of Love
Shine on (Alternate LP Version) – The House of Love
Shine on (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo) – The House of Love
New Song (Extended Version) – Howard Jones
New Song (Alternative Extended Mix) – Howard Jones
What Is Love (Original 12 Inch) – Howard Jones
No Promises (Live NY 1986) – Icehouse
Bang Bang (Alternate Mix) [Party Outtake 1981] – Iggy Pop
Beside You (Steve Jones Demo 1985) – Iggy Pop
The Passenger (Rare Version) – Iggy Pop
She Comes in the Fall (Peel Session) – Inspiral Carpets
This Is How It Feels (Peel Session) – Inspiral Carpets
Two Worlds Colilde (Peel Session) – Inspiral Carpets
Original Sin (Dance Version) – INXS
Mystify (Chicago Demo) – INXS
Protect Me (Live at KROQ) – James
James – Sit Down (Original Pre-Madchester Single) – James
Dream Thrum (Rehearsal) – James
You Were Born (Early Version of “One of the Three” / Outtake) – James
Say Something (New Version) – James
Real Men (Night and Day Demo 1982) – Joe Jackson
Steppin’ Out (Demo Version) – Joe Jackson
Hounds of Love (Alternative Mix) – Kate Bush
Our House (Special Remix) – Madness
Safety Dance (Club Mix) – Men Without Hats
The Safety Dance [12′ Version] – Men Without Hats
The Dead Heart (Extended) – Midnight Oil
Power and the Passion (Extended Version) – Midnight Oil
Halloween (Remix) – Ministry
Revenge (With Sympathy Demos) – Ministry
I Wanted To Tell Her (‘With Sympathy’ Demo) – Ministry
Wasteland (12 Inch Mix) – The Mission
Jack The Ripper (Studio Version) – Morrissey
One Night in Bangkok (Extended Version) – Murray Head
Between Something and Nothing (Demo) – The Ocean Blue
Just Another Day (Long Version) – Oingo Boingo
Not My Slave (Club Dub Mix) – Oingo Boingo
Only a Lad (Demo E.P.) – Oingo Boingo
Electricity (Demo As the Id) – OMD as ‘The Id’
Julia’s Song (Demo As the Id) – OMD as ‘The Id’
The Misunderstanding (Demo As the Id) – OMD as ‘The Id’
Electricity (Hannett & Cargo Studios Version) – OMD
Almost (Hannett & Cargo Studios Version) – OMD
Eyes of a Stranger (Live) – The Payolas
Go West [Original Mark Stent 7 Inch Mix] – Pet Shop Boys
Always on My Mind [Demo Version] – Pet Shop Boys
West End Girls (Bobby Orlando 12″ Version) – Pet Shop Boys
Cuts You Up (Live) – Peter Murphy
A Strange Kind of Love (Version Two) – Peter Murphy
All Night Long (Long Ultrasound Remix) – Peter Murphy
Roll Call (reprise) – Peter Murphy
Indigo Eyes (Demo) – Peter Murphy
Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) – Peter Schilling
Terra Titanic (English Version) – Peter Schilling
Here Comes Your Man (Demo) – Pixies
Monkey Gone to Heaven (Demo) – Pixies
Wave of Mutilation (Peel Session) – Pixies
Pretty In Pink (Original Version) – Psychedelic Furs
This Is Not A love Song (12″ Remix) – Public Image Ltd
Rise (12″ Mix) – Public Image Ltd.
Common People (Peel Session) – Pulp
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo) – The Ramones
I’m Affected (Demo) – Ramones
Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio? (Demo) – Ramones
Send Me an Angel (’83 Extended) – Real Life
God Tonight (Art of Remix) – Real Life
A Girl in Trouble (Extended) – Romeo Void
Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12″ Mix) – Roxy Music
Thinking of You (Dub Mix) – Seven Red Seven
Christine (Demo Version) – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Cities in Dust (12″) – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Dagger (Electric Version) – Slowdive
Tainted Love – Where Did Our Love Go (Extended Version) – Soft Cell
Torch [12′ Version] – Soft Cell
Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Extended Version) – Soft Cell
Sex Dwarf (12″) – Soft Cell
Ghost Town [Extended Version] – The Specials
I Wanna Be Adored (Martin Hannett Version) – The Stone Roses
Elephant Stone (Demo) – The Stone Roses
She Bangs the Drums (Demo) – The Stone Roses
Waterfall (Demo) – The Stone Roses
Elephant Stone (Original Peter Hook Mix) – The Stone Roses
Always The Sun (Hot Mix) – The Stranglers
Golden Brown (BBC in Concert) [Live] – The Stranglers
Skin Deep (Extended Version) – The Stranglers
It’s My Life (Extended Mix) – Talk Talk
Dum Dum Girl (12 Inch Mix) – Talk Talk
The Hurting (Peel Session 01.09.1982) – Tears For Fears
Pale Shelter (Cold Shoulder Mix) – Tears For Fears
Tears Roll Down (Crazy Alternate Mix) – Tears for Fears
Uncertain Smile (12″) – The The
Uncertain Smile (Original 7″) – The The
This Is the Day (45 Rpm Version) – The The
One of Our Submarines (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) – Thomas Dolby
Genius of Love (Extended) – Tom Tom Club
Vienna (Extended Ultra Traxx Mix) – Ultravox
Born Slippy (Ricks Down Ambient Mix) – Underworld
Blister in the Sun (Demo) – Violent Femmes
Kiss Off (Demo) – Violent Femmes
The Damned Don’t Cry (12″ Dance Mix) – Visage
Fade to Grey (Original GER dance mix ’81) – Visage
The Promise (Coliseum Mix) – When In Rome
Dear God (Demo) – XTC
Making Plans for Nigel (Demo From Swindon Town Hall) – XTC
Obsession( Club Mix) – Xymox
Only You (Live ‘downstairs at Eric’s’) – Yaz
Nobody’s Diary (12″) – Yaz
Midnight (Live ‘downstairs at Eric’s’) – Yaz
Tuesday (Live ‘downstairs at Eric’s’) – Yaz
Don’t Go (12″) – Yaz
Situation (Us 12″ Remix by Francois Kevorkian) – Yaz
Can’t Ignore the Train (Demo) – 10,000 Maniacs
Part 3: Unknown Pleasures
They Said Tomorrow (Original Mix) – Abecedarians
Tomorrow Wendy – Andy Prieboy
Tommorow Wendy (Triple J Live at the Wireless) – Andy Prieboy and Concrete Blonde
Never Never [Extended Version] – The Assembly
It’s Obvious (single version) – Au Pairs
Which Side Are You On? (Peel Session) – Billy Bragg
A New England (Peel Session) – Billy Bragg
I’ll Be Gone (Demo) – Broder Daniel
I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me – Bronski Beat
Smalltown Boy [Full 12″ Version] – Bronski Beat
Sugar Hiccup (12′ Version) – Cocteau Twins
Blind Dumb Deaf (John Peel Session January 1983)) – Cocteau Twins
Alone (On Piano) – Colin Newman
Eye Of The Lens (Demo) – Comsat Angels
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix) – Dominatrix
Life In A Northern Town (12 in) – The Dream Academy & Sunchyme
Tell Me When It’s Over (Live at Raji’s) – The Dream Syndicate
A Place to Be (‘En Algun Lugar’) – Duncan Dhu
Sleep Will Come (Jeremy Kerr Vocal) – Durutti Column
On My Mind – Everything But the Girl
Dismantled King Is Off the Throne [Demo] – Felt
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (single version) – Felt
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow [Demo] – Felt
Feels Like Heaven (12″) – Fiction Factory
Return The Gift (Peel Session) – Gang Of Four
At Home He’s A Tourist (Peel Session) – Gang Of Four
I Love A Man In Uniform [Dub] – Gang Of Four
5.45 (Peel Session) – Gang Of Four
Shame (Original Version) – Gene Loves Jezebel
The Glove – Like An Animal (12” Club What Club Mix) – The Glove
Like an Animal (Robert Smith Vocal Demo) – The Glove
Cattle and Cane (Peel Session) – The Go-Betweens
Set It Off (Us 12″ Version) – Harlequin Fours
Searching (Mike Thorne Full Length Version) – Indoor Life
Condos (Live) – Iron Curtain
Compulsion (Non-Martin Gore-Version) – Joe Crow
Hiroshima (live at BBC studios) – John Foxx
Fallout (Demo) – John Frusciante
Big Man Restless (Extended) – Kissing The Pink
O Superman (Live) – Laurie Anderson
Madness (Live) – Liliput
The Light Pours Out of Me (Demo) – Magazine
A Song From Under The Floorboard (Live) – Magazine
Tremelo (Live) – Mission of Burma
Trem Two (Live) – Mission of Burma
Academy Fight Song (live) – Mission of Burma
New Harbours (Extended 12″) – Movement
She Is Beyond Good and Evil (Original Alternative Version) (Original Alternative Version) – The Pop Group
Tears – Psyche
Thundershowers (4-Track Demo) – Psyche
Crazy (Non-R.E.M. Version) – Pylon
New Land (Demo) – Red Temple Spirits
Clint (Lp Version) – Sad Lovers & Giants
The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix) – Secession
Touch (Part 4) – Secession
Dead Eyes Opened 12″ – Severed Heads
Adventures Close To Home (Rough Mix) – The Slits
Instant Hit (John Peel Session 1978) – The Slits
Marquee Moon (Eno Demo) – Television
La Grande Illusion (BBC Session) – Television Personalities
Silly Girl (BBC Session) – Television Personalities
The Last Song (Live) – Trisomie 21
Hade – Vita Noctis
Vita Noctis – Hade (Slow Version) – Vita Noctis
Walking on Thin Ice (1981 Re-Edit) – Yoko Ono
Music for Evenings (Live at the Hurrah) – Young Marble Giants
N.I.T.A. (Peel Session 1980) – Young Marble Giants
Brand New Life (Peel Session 1980) – Young Marble Giants
Final Day (Peel Session 1980) – Young Marble Giants
A.G.N.E.S (Faster Mix) – 1000 Ohm
Video Files
Monaco – What Do You Want From Me? (Live in SF: Andy Evans Vertical Video edition)
Super Secret Bonus Clip

Download links:
Artists A through P (excluding those beginning with ‘The’, i.e. The Cure, etc.)…

Artists R through Z and video files…

Streaming Highlights:
Manchester (Smiths, Stone Roses, Chameleons, New Order)…/the-songs-that-saved-your-life-…/

U2 and R.E.M.…/the-songs-that-saved-your-life-…/

Let’s Go to the Discotheque!
1. When in Rome – The Promise
2. Cetu Javu – Have in MInd
3. Secession – The Magician
4. Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
5. Flock of Seagulls – Wishing (A Photograph of You)
6. Berlin – Sex (I’m a . . .)
7. New Order – Touched by the Hand of Dub
8. Movement – New Harbours
9. Cause and Effect – You Think You Know Her
10. Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
11. Visage Fade to Grey…/the-songs-that-saved-your-life-…/

The Cure, Depeche Mode, and other crepuscular bands
(Still uploading…)

My 50 Favorites…/the-songs-that-saved-your-life-…/

Thank you of reading so far into this ridiculousness.

‘A sad fact widely known
The most impassionate song
To a lonely soul
Is so easily outgrown
But don’t forget the songs
That made you cry
And the songs that saved your life’