Losing a million dollars

I don’t know why you come here, do you? You still use the same RSS reader since 2002, you are my father and I set Litwack.org as your Safari homepage…this is a one-horse ghost town and I have finally driven everything down into crickets and emptiness.

Doesn’t it feel like we’ve all lost something already? I would like to think about the jubilee, the reconstruction, the new society, but first is the operation and some eat it just because the anesthesiologist had a long night. Uncle Heinz did high school in a concentration camp in Trinidad, but his own uncle waited one more day to pick up his chlorinated dry cleaning and got taken. Uncle Heinz is dying right this instant of SARS-CoV-2. He would have soon been 100.

We all should have been asteroseismologists or at least born as Pythagoreans tuned for universal music. I am staying in, enrobed in streams, and I hope to see all of you and talk to you in that jubilee.