The Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia At The Fair

So my kid loves The Mouse Mansion, a truly wonderful picture book by this woman Karina Schaapman, who not only wrote a nice story but also made felt mice, an enormous elaborate dollhouse for them and a zillion little props, which she then photographed to make what basically feels like a Dutch fairytale mouse version of Kowloon Walled City. It’s wildly charming, and it’s apparently based on an idealization of her 1960s childhood growing up as the children of immigrants in Leiden.

Anyway, I came to find out that this is a series of at least six books, of which only the first is readily available in English. So I guess I’m translating them. Here’s a raw for the fourth book in the series, The Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia At The FairIt’s pretty rough, as I started with Google translations of a Spanish edition and then edited as quickly as possible, but hey, I’m busy.