Halloween 2015

Yearly update! Switching from metal to cheese for 2015. AAC with chapters, click the cover to download.

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Halloween 2014

There were fewer metal albums I loved this year than last, but man, the good ones were ferocious. AAC with chapters, click the cover to download.

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Halloween 2014 tracks

TOC Go Bag

My good friend Eric Meltzer is Kickstarting a go bag – I just pledged, and if you don’t have a pack you can grab in an emergency, you should too. I’ve seen a lot of these things, and what sets this one apart is the experts who consulted on its design and inventory. Check it out!

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Moon College

New cover for my book by Evan Geltosky. I love it so much.


David Lynch on 1967 Philadelphia

“We lived cheap, but the city was full of fear. A kid was shot to death down the street … We were robbed twice, had windows shot out and a car stolen. The house was first broken into only three days after we moved in … The feeling was so close to extreme danger, and the fear was so intense. There was violence and hate and filth. But the biggest influence in my whole life was that city.”