Poison Mushrooms

I put unfamiliar words in my phone when I find them and these are from 2018.

catallaxy – the spontaneous organization of the market

tendentious – promoting bias

trilemma – like dilemma, but three problems

pomander – perfume carried in a ball necklace

arrogate – claim

traducer – “one who maligns another by making malicious and false or defamatory statements”

theosis – Greek Orthodox – a way of personally participating in the energies of God (vs. ‘becoming godlike’)

speciate – form or become a new species

Fingerspitzengefühl – “fingertip feeling” – intuitive skill

poiesis – ποίησις – a person bringing something into being

ataraxia – A state of serene calmness

kenotic – empty

Pettifogger – shyster

militates – be a powerful or conclusive factor against some fact or circumstance

saudade – a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return. µέλαινα χολή, mélaina cholē from which melancholy

nurungji – scorched rice (kr)

Hypothecated – financially pledged, as an asset

Threnody – A lament

consonance – together

canaille – the common people, it. pack of dogs

excipient – drug filler

vagitus – the cry of a newborn

Anteambulo – path-clearer

cortège – funeral procession

catchment – collection area

scienter – knowledge of wrongdoing

roundelay – a simple song with a refrain (medieval)

carceral – of relating to prison

deputation – party sent by a deputy

syncretism – melding of ideas

Epoché – “suspension of judgement about non-evident matters”

Halloween 2018

AAC with chapters, click the cover to download.

Three Links

The role of meteorites in religion. I’m fascinated by the Hadschar al Aswad cornerstone of the Kaaba al Musharrafah – a friend has been, but he said he was focused on not getting, you know, trampled.

Lady & Pups is my favorite home cooking blog, which deals in an appealing cultural hybridity. The Pullman tacos got claps.

The story of Leslie McFarlane, author of most pre-WWII Hardy Boys books, and his germ of literary talent. Recommended only if you read the books as a kid.

More Life 2

A new issue of my new wave comp. Goofy and all over the place this year. Click the cover to download!

More Life 2 cover


Beloved Songs: Alternate Versions, by Andy Evans

My friend Andy just put together an absolutely killer mix of alternate versions of well-loved songs from the 80s and 90s. In his own words:

“‘Beloved Songs: Alternate Versions’
An assemblage of my favorite songs, in the form of demos, radio sessions, extended mixes, remixes, or live recordings. It focuses mainly on the long 80s, 1976 – 1991, but with some Radiohead, James, Slowdive, and Interpol sprinkled in.

I’ve organized the track-listing into 3 sections:
1) “Big” Names, at least to me smile emoticon
2) Artists I heard on the radio growing up
3) Artists I’ve never heard on terrestrial radio
Below the list of, err, 372 songs are links to highlights on Mixcloud, for your streaming convenience and/or smartphone pleasure.